I am Omar Khamis, founder and owner of Koeyewear. I live in United Arab Emirates and have always been very interested in fashion and the latest worldwide trends. I try to keep myself up to date with the global trends. Growing up in a place like UAE, I was surrounded by the biggest brands and celebrities coming from all across the world to shop here. This is when I developed my interest in fashion specially eyewear. Although, eyewear has become quite popular now, people still don’t have a lot of options available in reasonable prices. With Koeyewear, I aspire to design chic, high quality eyewear that is chic and stylish as it is affordable.

I believe in creating a relationship with my customers which is why my goal is to not only make the best eyewear but also establish outstanding customer service. With Koeyewear, I intend to put my vision into action by designing the best eyewear anyone has ever seen. From kids to adults, men to women, Koeyewear will cater to everyone.


Koeyewear is where vision meets style. My mission is to provide customers with an entertaining and exciting way of life through their daily eyewear. With Koeyewear, I intend to bring style and comfort that makes people of all ages stand out from the crowd. Our worldwide delivery and affordable prices helps us achieve our mission; to make us one of the most popular eyewear brands in the whole world. It is through Koeyewear that Omar Khamis aims to spread positivity and love across the globe.


Koeyewear is one of a kind eyewear brand. I have translated my love of cities into Koeyewear which is why each sunglass is named after a city. My vison behind making every design so unique and different from each other is so that they suit the different face shapes and skin colors of our customers. I believe in the beauty of diversity.

My love for sunglasses is what ultimately drives my passion. I love wearing fashionable and chic eyewear that goes perfectly with my outfits. I understand that there are other people like me and Koeyewear is exactly for them. I want to make Koeyewear the best and the biggest eyewear brand of the world so that people from everywhere can share my vision of trendy and comfortable eyewear.